July 30, 2009

Two Upcoming Shows

To celebrate the re-release of Me & Christopher, Scotty Briggs will play two shows with two different backing bands on two different nights in August.

Both shows will be available to all ages and take place at the 816 Pint & Slice in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Pizza is the key to having an all ages show where beer is served to those eligible to drink. It's the punk rock way.

August 12 - with supporting players C. Ray Harvey, Lee Miles, and Kyle Morris. Other artists sharing the bill include Doby Watson and Matt Dills

August 17 - with supporting players C. Ray Harvey, Jon Keller, and Jon Ross. Other acts include Truman & His Trophy and Dr. Manhattan

July 28, 2009

So it's been awhile. Me and Christopher, the album, is being re-recorded and remastered for re-release very soon and two performances of the album will be done in August.

April 21, 2009

"Me & Christopher" to be performed in its entirety

This might happen more than once... but it's going to happen for the first time this Friday night in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the infamous Brass Rail. Playing alongside acts New Pale Swimmers and The Rewinders, Scotty Briggs will play the album "Me & Christopher" straight through (and maybe some other tunes as well.) Mr. Briggs himself will play bass guitar, and a pair of fellows named Jon will play electric guitar and drums behind him. If you're old enough to spend a few dollars and have your mind blown by this first performance, then by all means get the hell out there on Friday.